Impact Insurance Cookie Policy


This page has been designed to help you understand how we use cookies and if you need to, how you can clear them from your computer.


How cookies help us


Cookies help us track where an enquiry has come from. They enable us to verify sales that have come from specific sources such as a referral from a friend or colleague. We also use cookies to track the performance of our website, we can use the data we collect to see how useful the information we display is and help us understand what on our website could be improved.


How cookies help you


The cookies on our website are all there to help your experience, and future dealings with Impact Insurance. Cookies ensure our website is aware if you are a repeat visitor and to make sure you find the information you want on our website as quickly as possible.


How to remove cookies from your computer


This all depends on the type of browser you are using to view this website. Please visit where there is a wealth of information on how to remove cookies from your internet browser. Remember if you are not happy with the way our website uses cookies you don't have to continue browsing.